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House Decor Ideas

house decor ideas

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house decor ideas - House Beautiful

House Beautiful 1000 Sensational Makeovers: Great Ideas to Create Your Ideal Home

House Beautiful 1000 Sensational Makeovers: Great Ideas to Create Your Ideal Home

The ultimate showcase of House Beautiful's best home decorating tips--in one spectacular volume!

Brimming with hundreds and hundreds of stunning photos, and a thousand inspiring ideas from two of House Beautiful's most successful books--500 Sensational Ways to Create Your Ideal Home and 500 Makeovers--this lavish collection is packed with suggestions for every type of home renovation project. Whether you're planning a large-scale transformation or doing a quick touch up, you'll find terrific advice in easy-to-manage bite-size doses, all organized by room or design element.

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house decor ideas

house decor ideas

House Beautiful 500 Makeovers: Great Ideas & Quick Changes

You don’t have to revamp everything to revive your home; little things actually do make a big difference. Approaching your space with a fresh eye can lead to simple changes that miraculously create a whole new look overnight.
Whatever the scope of your project—small space or large, minor update or major overhaul—House Beautiful can help. The 500 professional-quality ideas found in this comprehensive, lavishly illustrated book will help clarify your decorating vision and make the task ahead seem wonderfully manageable…even enjoyable! The guide is organized by basic design elements—Balance, Simplicity, Impact, Function, Details, and Color—that provide the foundation for any decorating project and an easy-to-understand roadmap to re-dos. Apply them to any aspect of a room, from the surfaces and furnishings to the soft touches and accents. A final chapter is devoted to Quick Fixes for when it’s absolutely necessary to get the work done now. Hundreds of breathtaking photos showcase it all.
Fresh, bright, and accessible, this book is filled with insider tips from today’s top designers and bursting with real advice for real people.
A Dual Main Selection of the Homestyle Book Club.

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