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Kids Fish Decor

kids fish decor

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A pic of Andrew eating the steamed sago...frankly speaking, the desert might have looked more appetizing if not for the unflattering model...but since it was an earnest request, I felt obligated to ta

A pic of Andrew eating the steamed sago...frankly speaking, the desert might have looked more appetizing if not for the unflattering model...but since it was an earnest request, I felt obligated to ta

Interestingly, this photo got one of the most views in the set without any effort on my part to post to any group, like I did for the food pics. Wonder why??????

Well, today is Singapore's 44th birthday. Thanks to the long National Day weekend, folks found time to do some catching up, be it with friends or the Z monster.

We had an interesting church service by Teck Meng, who is quite a passionate speaker. Check out my photos on his beam balancing act. :)

I would love to capture him walking on the wooden plank, despite my concern that the makeshift balancing beam might just snap under his weight. However, he was moving about too much while I was zooming in on him from more than 10m away. The only 2 decent shots I could capture were those of him clinging for dear life to the beam. Ha ha.^^

Despite our intense starvation, we gather the last bit of our strength to have an all gals' photo shot outside Punggol MRT station, while our stomachs rumbled loudly in utter rebellion & indignation. They could possibly have been louder than 10 Harley-Davidsons put together if mini microphones had been attached to our bellies.

More photo-taking inside the train cabin as we waited for it to leave the platform. An Indian couple from church happened to walk into the same cabin & gamely joined us for the photo-shots. Our fren, Jia Rong, was a little camera shy though. Check out the mysterious guy with the duck-billed cap.

After a long & arduous 30min+ journey from Punggol MRT station to Little India, we finally arrived in Paradise - BANANA LEAF restaurant (Tekka branch). Tables & chairs had been laid out nicely for us prior to our arrival, thanks to Senthil's arrangement.

It was almost 2pm & our stomachs were protesting ever more zealously. A waiter (server) wasted no time in taking our orders. Had it not for his stern countenance & just that tiny winy bit of impatience, I would have crowned him our Food Saviour.

We were joined by Andrew’s long-lost cousin from Hong Kong. The two hadn’t seen each other for 16 years. So, this is some sort of a reunion lunch for them. How come they didn’t hug & cry? [Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the 5 of us sitting in the middle.]

Btw, another two cousins sat next to me – Citra & her husband, Sakti. Nice to meet cousins who get married. I’d never met one in Singapore before knowing them.^^

The Tandoori Chicken, fish curry, mutton curry, Beriyani, Naans, fried rice, deserts, Pappadam etc were pretty satisfying (saved the unappetizing Indian Salad) & decently priced for a budget restaurant (about $10 each). Wandy seemed particulary addicted to the Pappadam (Indian Koropok) though she couldn't quite finish her Beriyani.

Btw, she is 2 months' pregnant & her stomach is "growing" by the day. I guess she has to eat more nowadays, since there're 2 mouths to feed.^^

Poor Alfred! He came on his own but lost his way for quite some time...he had a great revelation thgh - there're more than one Banana Leaf restaurants in Little India.

Then some of us proceeded to Shaw Tower for a hilarious animation movie, UP. Ambar got lost in the maze of escalators and exits at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station (same thing can easily happen to me. Ha ha...^^). Worried that we’re running late for the show, Alfred was tempted to report to the staff at the control station about the lost child, Ambar...only that she is more than 1.7m tall. :P

We were joined by a chatty young bro, Jonathan. The movie was short but amusing. I like the floating house with balloons. It reminded me of one of my many childhood dreams - to travel in a hot air balloon. No, Huiyi, please don't recommend the DHL hot air balloon at Bugis. I can only call it a giant yellow suspended balloon with a concrete-jungle view at best. Ha ha."P

Did I say “one of my many childhood dreams”? Yes, I’ve been thinking for years to ride on a wild horse. Or at least let it go a little faster than those at Sentosa or Singapore Zoo (the zookeeper said the horses get sleepy & thus slower after lunch). And please, no going round & round the bushes. Real scenery pls! Galloping along a sandy beach or river would be perfect.
They have the cutest pony there thgh. So cute, obedient & meek that I wanted to steal it & make it my pet. It looks like one of those from the Little Pony cartoon.

Yes, I also daydreamed (in my sleep too) often of soaring in the sky in a helicopter or a small traditional airplane (like my miniature Troika plane) high above the mountain ranges. Not forgetting hang-gliding or para-gliding. I should have mentioned sky diving too but I chickened out after seeing some sky diving pics at flickr. Sigh....old already lah!

Snap! Okay, back to reality.

Then we La Kopi (had hot beverages) at Toastbox before the last 4 “survivors” (me included) ended the day with some window shopping at Plaza Sing.

Jonathan said it was his first time shopping with sisters, though I found him com

Kitchen door at the seashore cottage

Kitchen door at the seashore cottage

Bet when I die the first thing my kids do is take down my favorite fishing net curtain. But meantime, it makes me pretty happy.

kids fish decor

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