Cherry Blossom Room Decor. Modern Church Decor.

Cherry Blossom Room Decor

cherry blossom room decor

    cherry blossom
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cherry blossom room decor - Modern Asian

Modern Asian Decor - 7ft. Cherry Blossom Japanese Shoji Screen Room Divider - Rosewood 3 Panel

Modern Asian Decor - 7ft. Cherry Blossom Japanese Shoji Screen Room Divider - Rosewood 3 Panel

A best of breed shoji screen, with beautiful Sakura cherry blossom design printed on fiber reinforced pressed pulp rice paper shade, and at 7 feet tall, it's a full foot taller than most Japanese room dividers sold in the US, built with superior materials & workmanship- crafted from premium quality kiln dried Spruce, using classic Japanese style joinery, designed with a practical & attractive bottom kick plate, that makes each panel stronger and more ridged, as well as to resist scuffs from foot traffic. Shade allows diffused light, yet offers complete privacy. Choose from our wide selection of sizes- 3, 4, 5, or 6 panels- and colors- Black, Natural, Honey, or Rosewood. Ships in 48 hours from our Massachusetts warehouse, professionally packed & fully insured, via FedEx Ground, expedited delivery available.

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Gorgeous blue & brown living room: Luxe fabrics + modern artwork, from InStyle magazine

Gorgeous blue & brown living room: Luxe fabrics + modern artwork, from InStyle magazine

I'm sort of obsessed with this living room: the blue and brown palette, the artful combination of pattern and texture, the luxurious fabrics, the touches of black and gold, the gallery grouping above the sofa... l' sigh!

Compounding my fascination is that I know nothing about the decor -- except that the picture originally appeared in the May 2006 issue of InStyle, in the 'Life & Home' section.

Can anyone enlighten me?

Tearsheet from

Cherry Blossoms in a Mason Jar

Cherry Blossoms in a Mason Jar

Flower Branches in a Bottle

cherry blossom room decor

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