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Free Online Room Decorator

free online room decorator

    room decorator
  • interior designer: a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings

  • With processing of data carried out simultaneously with its production

  • In or into operation or existence

  • While so connected or under computer control

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free online room decorator - Decorator Show

Decorator Show Houses: Tour 250 Designer Rooms

Decorator Show Houses: Tour 250 Designer Rooms

Welcome to the Ultimate Decorator Event! For the price of admission to one show house and a modest luncheon, youll get to tour 50 different show houses and over 250 spectacular rooms, where designers have pulled out all the stops to showcase their very best. Some of the most extraordinary work in interior design today is presented in 513 stunning color photographs. You'll see rooms saturated in glorious paint, windows dressed in the finest draperies, surfaces transformed with faux finishes, and furniture swathed in luxurious fabrics. Beginning the tour in foyers and hallways that leave lasting first impressions, youll continue through glorious living rooms and family rooms that youll never want to leave. Make your way through amazing libraries and home offices, dining rooms, kitchens, sunrooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Youll also get a chance to see innovative design ideas for media rooms, wine cellars, loft spaces, and bonus rooms. In this book you will find breathtaking and exciting designs that will inspire and amaze you, in addition to a list of extraordinary interior designers and annual show house events.

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Eclectic Victorian Psychic Living Room Set Decorator Rick Romer, TV, Hawaii

Eclectic Victorian Psychic Living Room Set Decorator Rick Romer, TV, Hawaii

Another view of this unusual set I created for a psychic character for the TV show LOST. Cardboard layout board had already been placed on the floor to protect the rugs before filming.

Asian Chinese Korean Living Room Interior Design Set Decorator Rick Romer TV Hawaii LOST

Asian Chinese Korean Living Room Interior Design Set Decorator Rick Romer TV Hawaii LOST

The living room set I created in an existing room for the Korean characters on the TV show lost as the original Set Decorator from the pilot through episode 60.

free online room decorator

free online room decorator

E-Z DECORATOR Furniture and Room Planner for Interior Design Projects (E-Z DECORATOR System)

Professional-quality and easy-to-use tool for creating floor plans and furniture arrangements. Create accurate layouts in 1/4" scale (bird's-eye view) with reusable peel-and-press architectural and furniture drawings. Takes the guesswork out of sizing and arranging furnishings to best fit your spaces. Great both for remodeling projects or working with existing rooms. This tool offers over 1,700 individual drawings printed onto reusable static-cling vinyl. The high-quality material will never loose the ability to stick to the laminated grid board that is included. Hand-drawn details give an artistic look to the layouts. The sizes and dimensions of furnishings offered represent all sizes available in today's marketplace. Also included are flooring patterns to incorporate into your layout. Packaged with a 1/4"/metric scale ruler and a washable marker pen.

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